Rotaprint R37K, 1 color, 356x510mm (331x442mm) with powder, 30-350g/m2,speed 3000-7000i/h,exelent condition Rotaprint R35K, with particular new rubber runners, good condition Polar air vibration table with adjustably vibrations, height obliquely, format 90x110cm.
Multipli, format A3+, machine for deflection, two deflections, paralel with extended devices for tird deflection Kuwete for deployment ofset slice, format 60x70 Adast dominant 515, 1989, 1 color version Numeracija, repariated, very good condition, format B3 381x520 mm 3-10 000 i/h, 30-350g/m2 (2)
SCHIMANECK 66 cm full automatic cutting machine with digital display (2) Polar 72 El. automatic Technical and optical in good condition. 1 standby knife, with programs. Machine for sieve press Bohanoff/mecana, format 850x1050 mm work area, in visual and technical good condition
Ideal 46 electrical and automatic , good condition, with 2 standby knifes RUHE & SIMON electric machine perforated entrance to 7O cm (2) Multi Plater 66, with automatic deployment offset slice, format 66x100cm, W 0,1-0,4 mm, technical great condition
Eurotechnic, for bookbinding, excellent condition Albert-Frankenthal zulinder-automat, ideal for number, die cutting, press, 38x56 cm, old machine, technical great condition, speed 4000i/h(2) Guillotine for growl paperPolar 82, automatic with program and store blade
Sadolin, machine for printing etiquettes in rolls, 2 colors and die cutting, technical great condition KERMA electrically stable 1-head wire stitching machine Die cutting machine Sandt,format 320x800 mm, machine with strike power 35 t, for die cutting paper, cardboard,skin, great condition (2)
ROTAPRINT R-36 KV B-3 format with 1-colored ofsetmashine alcoholic humidification (2) CustomLine 66 Machine for developing films for preparing Ofset plate. BOURG Collator (collector) A-3 dimenz. 14 stations Coining with wire two heads ones roll ones cut.
Folding FALTEX entrance 36 cm cross-blas-breaking suction air bag 1-4  (2) Guillotine Corta 56 cm, digital, automatic with program, good condition VA 56 P Ozasol automatic machine endwicklung entrace to 59 cm
One color machine for tent press, Tampoprint TS 100/1  technical great condition Electrical auger with one head Planax, machine for guming and drying by hand(2) (3)
Washer for conventional damper (2) Duplomat, Illumination machine for offset slice 540x400 mm Driers, format 100x120cm, 50 shelves,
Heidelberg GTO 52 + V 1-Color offset machine B3 format years of production in 1983 (2) (3) Watkiss Vario collating machine bit A-3 format 14 stations suck
and blowing air. (2)
ROLAND cutting plotter 6O cm wide serial nr ZC21112
2O15 STAGO PB 2; schpindel bohrmaschine with schieber table (2) (3) Stoserks (2) (3) (4) Machine for sticking bottom with plastic tape, electrical
Machine for sticking bottom with plastic tape, manual MULTIMAT O64 imagesetter ofsetplatten and cabinet drawer with 1O (2) (3) machine for cutting corners (2)
Rotaprint R-20K, 1 color, format DIN A - Cutting angle machine Machine for nit

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